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Hey besties, show your love to your boo, best friend, loved ones and more below!

Dear yk who u r 🪄,

hey girl. Ik this isn’t our most ideal way to tell u something super important like this at all, but just bear w me. happy loveday skittles. U r one of my favorite ppl ever if not my favorite period. U mean the world to me, and Ur A1 (that’s a US word so look it up) at pretty much everything u do. Ur presence. Alone radiates and ur love, loyalty, and true kindness is always there when i need it the most. I never got the chance to say thank you :’) I hope you feel the same way for me that I do for you. Maybe u don’t. Maybe it’s just with bow. U two r inseparable and have known each other much longer before I came in the scene at All. If it is, I won’t be upset. It’ll be a learning experience for me, and I can grow and learn from this. But I still want u to know that u r one of the only ones who even cared enough to explore my different facets without judgement, being a yesman, or just having indifference (iykyk), and you are one of the few who see my true potential, colors, and abilities. I don’t want u to think I’m weird or a creep or anything like that. I’m just saying that U don’t know how grateful I am that I saw ur name on my suggested for you page. You have no idea Ashahli Xoxoxo

from Ur bb 🫧